Traveling by the Stars - By Christine Rakela

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Now you can be armed with an easy and fun strategy using astrology that can make your trip a success!

With this enlightening, informative book for people interested in the stars, as well as travelers around the world, you can use the basics of astrology to have a great trip without worrying about traveling disasters. You can read about a travel strategy, then be entertained by your Sun sign and star compatibility while traveling.

This new perspective explains why some trips go awry, and how you can avoid certain days where the astrological influences are not supportive of taking a trip, whether it is locally or overseas. Find the optimal times to thoroughly enjoy your trip and avoid the adverse travel times that cause delays, problems, and accidents which could lead to a disastrous experience. Knowing which days to travel can be your invitation to pack your bags and have a great time!

Christine Rakela 192 pp | 18 b/w charts | Paperback