Signs: Decode the Stars, Reframe Your Life by Carolyne Faulkner

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It's fun to read the fortune-telling astrological horoscopes you find online or in a teen magazine, but they're usually a bit vague or easily disprovable. Astrology, however, can be something far more grounded and applicable than telling the future.

Carolyne Faulkner, a notable astrological expert, tackles far more applicable matters in her book the signs, like how to deal with loved ones, co-workers, and yourself using the tools astrology provides. Learn how to read birth charts to get a better grasp on the way the cosmos affects your day-to-day life.

As an in-house astrologer at the Soho house club and with her over 200 clients, Faulkner compacts her 12 years of experience into this easily digestible book on how to under the vastness of the universe and use it to improve your relationships and mental health with tips and tricks based on astrology!