Crystal Ritual Spoon

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Title: Rose Gold

SKU 0002

 Perfect for scooping crystals from your candles, wax melt warmers, using in any rituals, or using as décor in your witchy kitchen. Perfect to use to scoop pink protective salts, herbs, loose incense, crystals, and other small items. Listed as Rose Gold color, but looks more Bronze in real life. Dainty pattern on the spoon makes this item even more special.

Use these as an add on with your wax melts, and candles for your customers to easily scoop their mini crystals from warm wax.  Perfect for tea parties! Enjoy your favorite tea and coffee with your crystal spoon. Children love to use these spoons as well! 

Each spoon is about 4 inches in height. These are also 100% safe to eat with! Gently hand wash with soap and water to clean.