The Food Healing Oracle Deck®

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 Created by Joanna Salerno & Lainie Sevante Wulkan, The Food Healing Oracle Deck® is a full expression of our passion for the Divine, esoteric world of intuitive readings and our love and honor of healthy, healing foods that are provided by Mother Nature.

The Food Healing Oracle Deck includes 60 cards & 150 page book of healing wisdom and practical gifts, will take you on a journey of the senses to bring a whole new meaning to the way you eat. They'll show you through "real time wisdom" what your foods want to tell you so you can move into a greater conscious awareness around your own health & wellness.

The Food Healing Oracle Deck can assist you in seeing the world of nature’s elements, colors, chakras and your energy system and their relationships with food. We’ve missed the messages for too long. Now, we have the opportunity to hear, feel and integrate that which is for our highest and best thru food. The Food Healing Oracle Deck invites the absolute beginner or the well-established card reader, and everyone in between to use the Food Healing Oracle Deck on a delicious journey of inspiration and fun.