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Mood Food - Aromatherapy Balm Mini Kit - Workplace Wonders. Just right for a desk drawer, these balms support new experiences, presentations, and Q&A from the top brass. A thoughtful gift for a graduate or co-worker. .05 sample balms (5). Contains: rosy outlook, defender, new day, crushed it, the OG. Size: 0.25 oz total.

Rosy Outlook - All out comfort and optimism in a tube. If rose is your thing, rosy outlook helps you keep the glass half full and a smile on your face. The scent of rose can help diffuse grief, depression, and tantrums. We use rose absolute – the queen of oils – and temper its heaviness with bright lemongrass and rose geranium for a lighter take on a classic. Cheerful. Uplifting. Modern. Vegan

Defender - "Black tourmaline creates a protective circle, repelling all kinds of negativity & EMF’s from electronic devices. Even more so, it can foster positivity, altruistic behavior & creativity. Essential oils of rose absolute, rosemary & frankincense add to the gravitas of the blend. Fights negativity of all kinds. Deep, spicy scent w buttery green and complex floral notes. With black tourmaline. Energized with intentions that ground, encourage positivity in negative situations & spur on creativity. Unisex. Vegan.

New Day - Every morning is an opportunity for transformation, and that’s what new day is all about. With moonstone crystal, it’s all about new beginnings, breaking emotional patterns that no longer serve us, and inspiring emotional intelligence. A mix of frankincense, clary sage, patchouli, and geranium keep things calm & in balance so the hard work can be done. Transformative. Supportive. Energized with intentions that can assist with transforming habits and behaviors. Vegan.

Crushed It - Super comforting and confidence-inspiring, crushed it calms and takes away jitters, without drowsiness or making you less alert. The scent of jasmine is supported by ylang-ylang: both comfort and calm, and they’re a little bit sensual too. Cardamom keeps your brain engaged and frankincense helps you keep it all together. Crushed it is helpful for a big presentation at work, anxiety-inducing situations, or everyday stress that affects your performance. Comforting. Sensual. Brain tonic. Vegan.

The OG - Bestseller. The OG contains both lavender and patchouli – OG essential oils and major go to’s for all day, everyday stress-busting. This one’s for the office, your purse, in your carry on and by your bedside. It’s soothing and relaxing. Citrus oils. – bergamot and sweet orange – take the edge off the scent so it’s cleaner and more modern than a typical blend that includes lavender and definitely not a hippy-dippy patchouli. Soothing. Relaxing. Earthy, clean & modern. Vegan.