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Mood Food - Aromatherapy Balm Mini Kit - Crystal Clear. Bestseller. A great way to experience the power of crystals combined with aromatherapy for general relaxation and balance. .05 sample balms (5). Contains: balancing act, defender, paved by angels, just love, speak your truth.  Size: 0.25 oz total.

Balancing Act - Bestseller. A balancing powerhouse – with all the chakra stones, use balancing act on the chakra zones or on pulse points at will and as needed. Great before meditating, in the morning to ‘set’ for the day or even before bedtime - combined with dreamy, or any other relaxing scent. Extremely balancing & supportive. Complex green and earthy scent that’s surprisingly fresh. Infused with all the chakra crystals: amethyst, sodalite, lapis lazuli green aventurine, citrine, carnelian, red jasper. Unisex. Vegan.

Defender - "Black tourmaline creates a protective circle, repelling all kinds of negativity & EMF’s from electronic devices. Even more so, it can foster positivity, altruistic behavior & creativity. Essential oils of rose absolute, rosemary & frankincense add to the gravitas of the blend. Fights negativity of all kinds. Deep, spicy scent w buttery green and complex floral notes. With black tourmaline. Energized with intentions that ground, encourage positivity in negative situations & spur on creativity. Unisex. Vegan.

Paved by Angels - Power, positivity & spiritual awareness. When we’re connected with our angels, inner power and positivity flow, as if our path was paved by angels… and guess what? It is. Our intention for this balm which contains amethyst is just that, to follow that beautiful path. Patchouli and ylang-ylang create a deeply resonant fragrance that also happens to be a pretty good antidote to stress. Earthy deep scent. Infused w amethyst crystal. Energized with intentions to help you find and follow your path. Vegan

Just Love - Rose quartz crystal is infused into our organic balm base along with the essential oils of rose geranium and ylang-ylang for a beautifully scented heart loving powerhouse. We’ve programmed the intention to attract and nurture love, support an open heart, and heal heartbreak.

Speak Your Truth - Beautiful blue lapis lazuli crystal is all about truth. It directs you to find, speak, and live your inner truth. This balm is programmed to work with all of these truths and to aid in communicating them. It can also help you to connect with your spirit guides. Roman chamomile and cardamom essential oils are added to the mix for a sense of calm that allows the magic to happen. Relaxing. Comforting. Infused with lapis lazuli. Energized with intentions to bring clarity to your truths. Vegan.