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Mood Food - Aromatherapy Balm Mini Kit - College Self Care. This little kit contains a pocket full of support for memory, procrastination, and relaxation with a couple of confidence boosters thrown in for good measure. Send someone off to college or stuff a stocking. .05 sample balms (5). Contains: study buddy, hop to it, coffee break, crushed it, the OG. Size: 0.25 oz total.

OG - Bestseller. The OG contains both lavender and patchouli – OG essential oils and major go to’s for all day, everyday stress-busting. This one’s for the office, your purse, in your carry on and by your bedside. It’s soothing and relaxing. Citrus oils. – bergamot and sweet orange – take the edge off the scent so it’s cleaner and more modern than a typical blend that includes lavender and definitely not a hippy-dippy patchouli. Soothing. Relaxing. Earthy, clean & modern. Vegan.

Crushed It - Super comforting and confidence-inspiring, crushed it calms and takes away jitters, without drowsiness or making you less alert. The scent of jasmine is supported by ylang-ylang: both comfort and calm, and they’re a little bit sensual too. Cardamom keeps your brain engaged and frankincense helps you keep it all together. Crushed it is helpful for a big presentation at work, anxiety-inducing situations, or everyday stress that affects your performance. Comforting. Sensual. Brain tonic. Vegan.

Coffee Break - Energizing, warming, and comforting, coffee break is made with the essential oil of coffee. Simple and straight to the point, it can rev you up or calm you down, depending upon your pavlovian association with coffee. Warming. Comforting. Contains just the tiniest bit of caffeine – about 1/200th of the amount in a cup of coffee. Vegan.

Hop to It - Lemongrass, black pepper, and peppermint push procrastination out of the way, while grapefruit ads some cheerfulness to the mix. Hop to it helps you to do just that: start – and finish your to-do list. Bright and sunny. Minty and invigorating. Motivating. Vegan.

Study Buddy - Like a tonic for your brain, study buddy jazzes up your memory and helps you retain what’s needed to ace the test or get through a technical project at work. Rosemary & cardamom are the heavy lifting brain boosters, while peppermint, spearmint & grapefruit keep things buzzing along. Combine with hop to it for a procrastination fighting power duo. Fresh. Invigorating. Brain tonic. Memory helper. Vegan.