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Mood Food - Aromatherapy Balm Mini Kit - Carry On - In-transit support and jet lag busters right-sized for a small carry on. These balms are curated to help with in-flight naps, deep dreams, and mid-day energy slumps. .05 sample balms (5). Contains: balancing act, paved by angels, dreamy, super trooper, the OG. Size: 0.25 oz total.

Super Trooper - Palo santo takes center stage here, with lemon as support. Both contain high levels of limonene, a compound of interest to cancer researchers. Super trooper’s bright and bracing scent is almost mineral in nature. It’s energetic and totally unique. Fun fact: palo santo wood is harvested after the trees have died, and long ago, tribes in South America used it in their fires to keep pesky bugs at bay. Bracing. Energizing. Fresh. Vegan.

Dreamy - Bestseller. When the thoughts in your head just won’t stop, or your tempers flaring, the vetiver in dreamy helps shut it all off so you can calm down and/or get some sleep. Ylang ylang and sweet orange add to the relaxing atmosphere, with their mix of sweet and sultry scents. This is a nighttime blend that does not include lavender – because we understand that not everyone is a fan. Calming. Relaxing. Helps to induce sleep. Heady & green with deep base notes. Unisex. Vegan.

Balancing Act - Bestseller. A balancing powerhouse – with all the chakra stones, use balancing act on the chakra zones or on pulse points at will and as needed. Great before meditating, in the morning to ‘set’ for the day or even before bedtime - combined with dreamy, or any other relaxing scent. Extremely balancing & supportive. Complex green and earthy scent that’s surprisingly fresh. Infused with all the chakra crystals: amethyst, sodalite, lapis lazuli green aventurine, citrine, carnelian, red jasper. Unisex. Vegan.

The OG - Bestseller. The OG contains both lavender and patchouli – OG essential oils and major go to’s for all day, everyday stress-busting. This one’s for the office, your purse, in your carry on and by your bedside. It’s soothing and relaxing. Citrus oils. – bergamot and sweet orange – take the edge off the scent so it’s cleaner and more modern than a typical blend that includes lavender and definitely not a hippy-dippy patchouli. Soothing. Relaxing. Earthy, clean & modern. Vegan.

Paved by Angels - Power, positivity & spiritual awareness. When we’re connected with our angels, inner power and positivity flow, as if our path was paved by angels… and guess what? It is. Our intention for this balm which contains amethyst is just that, to follow that beautiful path. Patchouli and ylang-ylang create a deeply resonant fragrance that also happens to be a pretty good antidote to stress. Earthy deep scent. Infused w amethyst crystal. Energized with intentions to help you find and follow your path. Vegan.