Birth Chart Reading - Planets + Houses + Aspects

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Hello there! Thank you for your interest in the "Planets + Houses + Aspects" birth chart reading!

Planets + Houses+ Aspects birth chart reading incorporates both your planetary placements and your houses! Similar to Planets Only, Each planet will have a in-depth rundown of how each planet, including Chiron and retrograde planets, affect your personality. I will include an in-depth description about your rising/ascendent sign. Also, I will be talking about those little lines in your birth chart wheel known as Aspects. Aspects is another ingredient to your personality!  The house system I use is Placidus.

What I Need From You:

  • Your first name 
  • Your birthday, place, and time
  • Your preferred pronouns 
  • Your email address
  • If you would like me to use a different house system, please let me know

There will be a "Charts by Karis" form for you to fill out at the bottom of the cart page!

Birth Chart readings take about 24-96 hours for me to complete! This reading will be sent to you via email in a Digital PDF. For the Planets + Houses + Aspects report, it is about 7 pages long.