My Quality Time Self Care Activity Deck

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My Quality Time Self Care Activity Deck has 44 self-care activities for your to practice. Includes guidebook. Let Spirit guide your daily self-care activities! Easy, fun and affordable activities for women & moms.

My Quality Time Self-Care deck was created in 2017 when Deja was a drained single new mom who needed to start practicing self-care. This deck helped her enjoy life again while also being a mom. You can find ways to honor yourself and your self care needs.

THIRD EDITION: 44 My Quality Time Self Care oracle cards with magnetic box. Hand illustrated and painted with watercolor 400 GSM matte finish cards 6 Bonus blank cards for you to customize. 50 Page guidebook with explanation of each card. Teal card edges. The My Quality Time Oracle Card Deck is designed for smaller hands! The cards are approximately the same size as a regular playing card - 2.5" x 4". 

HOW TO USE THEM: There are a few ways of use My Quality Time Self Care deck. 1. Shuffle the cards and choose 1 or 2 at random. Do those activities that day if possible. 2. Intentionally choose activities from the deck you want to do that day or week. Leave the cards on an altar or where you can see them as a reminder.