Lightness of Being Affirmation Cards

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You know how to live with lightness and joy in your heart; you know how to love life.
By not taking life too seriously, and being grounded and present, your inner serenity-lightness of being will lighten and activate truth and peace within others. This card deck is about activating seven sacred-human embodiments: divine will, omniscience, universal love, epiphany, forgiveness, truth, and grace, and then living as a divine offering, embodying a love of life itself.
This deck is made up of one stunning hand-painted picture (featuring two beautiful nature-spirited women in a warm embrace) divided into forty cards labeled 1–40. Complete the puzzle intuitively with the images alone, or lay them out in order with numbers facing up, then turn the cards over to reveal the full picture. The images on each of the cards are symbolic and work on their own when viewed separately from the full picture.
Choose cards as personally guided, either from the full picture or simply draw from a shuffled deck.